housing Breitenfurterstraße

location: 1120, Vienna Map Pin
built: 2000
units: 188

building contractor: Heimbau
To paint an appearance along the Breitenfurterstraße which counters the city public respectful, meet the requirements of the soundproofing and at the same time - without a dismissive attitude - make an open multilayered building structure with complex spatial relationships experience. A built interpretation of the adjoining allotment area.
The linearly buildings are perpendicular to the Breitenfurterstraße and are orientated south-east/north-west. You can see into the green space or the yard from all windows.
All 188 apartments either have front yards, loggias or terraces. Mostly they even got free spaces on both sides, to guarantee the connection to the forenoon and the afternoon sun.
Flexibility is offered through a clear zoning into public and private living areas. This paired C7C-typologie can be switched into a B/D or A/E typology until just before completion.