housing Grieshofgasse

location: 1120, Vienna Map Pin
built: 1996
units: 9

building contractor: Stadt Wien

© photos: Manfred Seidl

We think about the facade: the envelope must assimilate itself to, find a resonance with the body of the building, must be at times light, transluscent, and open - extroversive in character, at other times closed off, hiding, secure - introversive. The envelope should be a flexible skin, not a binding corsett.
We have not limited ourselves just to the opening/closing of sliding partitions in expressing the idea of a continuous whole space (rooms appear and disappear). Here the exterior wall also takes part in staging the scene of rooms.
These units are as neutral and flexible as possible. With the exception of the wet cell, the plan is anything but fixed in its layout. Four equal rooms, separated from one another through sliding partitions yet grouped around a supply zone, a service zone.
The essence of our architecture lies therefore not in a deterministic and formal development of the discrete layers themselves, but rather in their inherent ability to loosely overlap one another, to display their contents towards the outside, and to promote spontaneous uses. Their contents may come, go … perhaps just change, but nevertheless, their status quo is consistently reflected in the structure. It is an architecture which is continuously writing and then revising its own story, an architecture of metamorphosis.
The exterior skin itself is conceived in layers, a double-skin construction of glazing: an exterior single-glazing and an insulating interior double-glazing together sandwich a layer of sliding panels whose positions the inhabitant freely determines.