housing "GartenLounge" Kagran

location: 1220, Wien Map Pin
built: 2018
units: 80, kindergarten,
2 student apartments
1st indoor miniature golf of Vienna

building contractor: building development network
landscape planning: EGKK

Gartenlounge Open
The "GartenLounge" offers a new thinking of housing. Instead of single, isolated rooms for communal activites the whole building can be used as an invitingly encounter space. No corridors are built - the development zome itself becomes communication room and meeting point.
The units are situated around individual places, which can be used as expanded living rooms by the residents. The meeting and living together of different generations is enabled.
The "GartenLounge" dismantles the components of the "classic" residential building (living zone, service zone, development zone, communal rooms) and puts them together in a new way. Single units are combined to housing groups and get ordered by urban criteria. Street, alley and place - the standard floor becomes a experienceable village.
The units itself have seperated service zone, which provides an adaptable living space and widest possible flexibility. A wide ranging offer of the flats, which spans from 2 to 5 room units with option of ownership over 1 to 3 room SMART units and commune apartments for students and senior citizens reflects the range of contemporary life and living forms.