housing Kanalstraße

location: 1220, Vienna Map Pin
built: 1998
units: 36

building contractor: Siedlungs Union

© photos: Manfred Seidl

We intend to lay here a row of buildings, orderly punctured by vertical stems of greenery. Because of the complex’s relative isolation from the city and from its social anonymity, the upright verdant concentrations - terraces, balconies, verandas and loggias … hanging gardens - offer priviliged places for perceiving and experiencing an urban-like surrounding.
The private outdoor space provides a view of the city’s patterns, a proscenium behind which the daily urban transactions take place - outside and inside, the parts and the whole of this city cross paths and simultaneously, assert their discrete characters.
The spatial extension of the dwellings begins in this buffer zone, whose adaptable structure expresses and embellishes the factor of time. Once again, the inhabitant unconsciously takes part in the design process, the open structure clearly reflecting and displaying every action taken upon it. Exactly here rises a curtain, the stage of living stands ready.