kindergarten Brauerei Liesing

location: 1230, Vienna Map Pin
built: 2011

building contractor: Wien Süd
user: Wiener Kindergärten
landscape planning: EGKK
The kindergarten for nine groups is embedded optimal to the existing building, which drops from north-west to south-east. The central development element is the play-street, which spans from the main entrance in the south-east to the side entrance in the north-west. There it masters the terrain jump by building a wide, planted stair.
All rooms are connected to the play-street - it serves as development as well as recreation room - similar to a village road. In the south of the play-street are all recreation rooms, group rooms, the mulipurpose room, the creative area and the kitchen. In the north of the play-street is a compact and storey "serving rail" (administration, other areas).
Big decks are upstream to the group rooms in the compact two-storey building. These offer outer playgrounds and a transition to the spatious open space. The open spaces in the upper level are reachable through a wide stair (lower ground level),as well as directly through the terrace deck (upper ground level).
Respectively two group romms are connected to the terrace through joint wardrobe areas. Cut in areas build the group pair accessed open spaces, which can be used as winter gardens.
Glazings to the outside, as well as inside towards the play-street allow view connections and offer a large degree of exposure.Cut in patios - intimate gardens - between the rail of the serving rooms enable the inclusion of the outer space to the play-street.