housing München-Riem

location: München-Riem Map Pin
built: 2011
units: 48 + resident meeting point

building comntractor: Gewofag
landscape planning: Kern Landschaftsarch.

Bauherrenpreis 2012
nominated for Austrian building
price 2010/2011
The building is seen as a vertical cityscape, a framework, which creats a scene for different and constantly changing lifesytles. Each floor is seen as building land, by stacking them a multistorey building results. Each floor is developed through a street, a plot path. In the implemented built form it is about stacked open arcades, which are developed through a central staircase.
Bearing cores were positioned in a regularly grid over the entire length, in which the flat accesses, the kitchens and the sanitary facility are located. Between those cores, the arcades expand to a "front yard", which can be used as flat access, loggia and communication area. By positioning stair towers at the ends of the arcades, there are no fire protection requirements among the glazings. This guarantees generous exposure of the flats, which are all orientated to both sides. All baths have natural light.