housing Prinz-Eugen-Park

location: Munich Map Pin
built: 2021
units: 261, house for children,
maintained living, resident meeting point

project partner & competition winner:

building contractor: Gewofag
landscape planning: club L94
The different types of apartments sum up depending on their location and circulation. Three types of "houses" develop: corner house, arcade house, town house and garden house.
Because oft the summary of several types of apartments into houses, well proportioned buildings develope. Depending on the number of combined types a differentiated rythm originates, which forms in every detail and is conducive tot he adress generation. It also underlines the big idea of the district by keeping the conformity oft he windows and facades.
They different types of houses are formed through either a change in material or by contrasting the color of the plaster and matching handrail types.
Special usage is located in the ground floor, like "houses for children", maintained living, resident meeting point, the common room, the entrances and the garbage room. Additional apartments are located in the ground floor, some oft hem are wheelchair friendly.
The resident meeting point is located at the south-west of WA1, directly at the entrance oft he district. All common rooms are orientated towards the garden.
All apartments are orientated to both sides and provide transverse ventilation.
The staircases are planned as open arcades and serve as extended common rooms as well as meeting point fort he residents. Airspaces spanning over multiple floors, multifunctional rooms, plant tubs and places to stay on the different floors build a lively neighbourhood. The "garden house" is the circulation and serves 4-, 5-, 6-, or 8 apartments. Besides this the "garden house" provides a transparent and light flooded situation for the circulation area as well as for the apartments behind it. The seemingly one side orientated apartments get a second illumination and opening and so can be ventilated to both sides. So the service zone of these apartments like the kitchen or the bathroom can be lighted and aired naturally.
Because of the multifunctional platforms in front oft he arcades, the "garden house" is a communication point. With a maximum of eigth apartments in each staircase, a lively but overseeable and personal neighbourhood develops – the "garden house" as a centrally common- and communications place.