housing "SMAQ"

location: St.Pölten Map Pin
built: 2017
units: 185

general planners: SMAQ GmbH
(wup, ARTEC Architekten,
building contractor: BWSG
landscape planning: Land in Sicht
The four over bridges linked houses only contain from front to back extended - thus cross ventilatable - apartments with east-west-orientation, generous circulation zones and private free areas.
The main accesses are located at the Maximilianstraße. The vertical development happens through staircases, which are located at the end of the buildings. You can access the apartments through broad pergolas with quality of stay. On the third floor all buildings are connected through a bridge, which leads to a open area on the roof of the house D2.
A serial arrangement of approximately 19m2 big apartment modules and a connection per service strand provide major flexibility within the orientation and awarding of the apartment modules. There is equality of the rooms within the meaning of emancipatory neutrality. The system does not define which function the module gets. The rooms get their importance not until their use, become living, sleeping or work rooms.